Reghan Ross
Self Published

Blurb From the Book


Cooper: I wake up on a motorboat, half drugged, my fingers broken. All I wanted for the last eight years was revenge. Now, it looked like my step-brother, Senator Kyle Lansford, was going to win again. Lansford and his wife dump me overboard, into the freezing Atlantic Ocean. I'm going to drown and there's nothing I can do about it. The next time I wake up, I am in a house and a beautiful angel is standing guard over me, warming me. During my recovery, Julia makes love to me. Over the next several weeks, I fall in love with her. As an ex-con, Julia could do a lot better than me. But soon, my new friends help me obtain the revenge I seek, to ruin the Senator and to clear my name. And then, I return to Martha's Vineyard for Julia.


Julia: When my cook, Braddock, shows up with a huge, half-dead man slung over his shoulder, I know I have to save the guy's ass. With the help of the ex-cons I have working for me, and my head of security, it shouldn't be too hard. The problem is, I am falling in love with this guy. The stranger won't tell me his name at first, says it's better if I don't know. But soon, he trusts me. When Cooper recovers, we cannot hide our sizzling attraction for each other any longer. I guess that he is a virgin. With most of his fingers in splints, it's not that easy to make love with him. He builds walls between us that I don't understand. And then, my own security guy, hatches a revenge plan to help Cooper get his life back. I'm worried about Cooper's safety. Worried I'll never see him again. Two months go by and then Copper shows up, ready to face what neither of us can ignore, the fire that burns between us.

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